Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Highly reliable vehicles begin with highly reliable components.

雅虎体育官网Bring your hybrid and electric vehicle designs to life with certified ICs, drivers, and sensors that provide superior levels of integration, mixed-signal capabilities, and performance. Our Automotive-Grade Isolation products bridge the high voltage and low voltage vehicle systems, bringing intelligent communication and control to the entire vehicle.


雅虎体育官网Isolator vs. Optocoupler Technology

Improving EV-HEV Safety, Performance and Reliability with Galvanic Isolation

Signal and Power Isolation Interfaces for Electric Vehicle Systems

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How GaN ICs are Transforming the EV Market

Design Guide for Reducing EMI in Isolated Systems

Safety Considerations for Capacitor-based Isolators

Automotive - Under the Hood (Part 1)

Automotive - Isolation Strikes Back (Part 2)

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